Tyler the Creator crashes Tesla Model X into parked car



Call him Tyler the Destroyer. Rapper Tyler the Creator was involved in a destructive car crash early Thursday morning when he slammed his Tesla Model X CUV into a parked Honda CR-V.

The crash occurred near UCLA’s campus in the early AM hours. Police told TMZ that the force of the impact was so powerful that the CR-V was flung 50 feet away from where it had been parked. Video from the scene makes it pretty clear both vehicles are completely totaled, but thankfully no one was injured.

That’s likely because the owner of the Honda wasn’t with his car at the time. The young man returned to find the wreckage and a police report with all of Tyler’s information. Though he was pretty bummed his car had been totaled for a second time, he seemed to relax once he realized the driver of the Tesla was Tyler the Creator himself. “This is the second time my car’s been totaled for sure, and this is the second time, so I was like, ‘Damn’ at first,” the guy told TMZ. “But like, I find out Tyler The creator hit it? Probably gonna get a decent check. So I’m not like, it’s whatever, ya know? But it sucks though, for sure.”

Check out video from the scene below.

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