Home News Uniti’s first vehicle will be electric eco-friendly city car

Uniti’s first vehicle will be electric eco-friendly city car

Uniti’s first vehicle will be electric eco-friendly city car

Swedish automotive startup Uniti’s very first vehicle launch is going to be an”affordable” and fully electric vehicle , which can be scheduled to enter production in the UK by 2020.

The car, called Uniti One, has a lot of advanced features including a connective and intuitive user friendly interface, and may have higher energy efficiency, with a 22 kilowatt hour battery that’s estimated to power the automobile for up to 186 mph (300 kilometres) on a single charge.

The automobiles will be built at a facility in Silverstone, which will be Uniti’s very first production site on the planet, and the very first fully-digital electric vehicle production website in the UK.

Uniti One electric car by Uniti

The fully electric car will create at least 75 percent less carbon — from manufacture to control — than normal cars, according to the manufacturer.

In an attempt to further decrease its environmental effect, it is going to be produced from carbon fiber and natural composite materials.

The green city car is going to be built at the corporation’s pilot production plant at Silverstone Park — home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix — as soon as 2020.

Uniti One electric car by Uniti

The plant will serve as a model for what’s called”digital twinning”, a tech organised by Siemens that will be employed to create a community of accredited electronic assembly plants across the world.

Digital twinning techniques see all manufacturing and product data saved digitally, which means that this information can then be applied as a pattern to be replicated, shared and uploaded in other assembly plants located around the planet.

With this program, Uniti would be able to set up multiple plants in various areas worldwide, and manufacture its own automobiles utilizing a fully automatic production line in every specific plant. The firm expect this can be utilised to cut the environmentally damaging procedure of transporting automobiles to various places from centralised production facilities.

“The UK’s approach to vehicle production, with its focus on light-weighting and innovation in advanced materials, is an ideal model for electric car production globally,” said Uniti CEO Lewis Horne.

“It’s no secret that some of the world’s best vehicle engineers are clustered around Silverstone. When coupled with a government receptive to our ambition and goals, we couldn’t find a better home to establish our pilot production facility,” he continued.

Uniti One electric car by Uniti

According to Uniti, the planned facility is the initial stage in the corporation’s strategy to become a”major player” from the British electric vehicle market during the next few decades.

Uniti will offer a line of four, two and also five-seater automobile models. The car also boasts two accessible steering choices, one conventional and another central pivot joystick controller system, which will be unique to Uniti.

Uniti One electric car by Uniti

The business plans to reveal its production versions in late 2019, using the Uniti One place to go on sale soon after in late 2020.

Earlier this year, Russian defence manufacturer Kalashnikov unveiled an electric concept car at a military exchange fair in Moscow, in a bid to”keep up” with the American electric car company Tesla.

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