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Watch A Tesla Model 3 Chase A Porsche Taycan On The Nurburgring


Not too long ago, electric vehicles were considered as nothing more than boring city runabouts that were good for nothing other than taking you to the shops and back. Well, things have changed a lot in the past few years.

Of all the electric vehicles on the market, the Tesla Model 3 Performance and Porsche Taycan are two of the most exciting. Both offer excellent performance as well as the everyday drivability that customers demand from internal combustion engine vehicles.

This particular clip shows both a Model 3 Performance and a Taycan going toe-to-toe on the Nurburgring. Although we know that the Porsche is the fastest car of the pair, the Tesla is no slouch and performs very well on the difficult German circuit.

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The YouTuber behind this clip says that the Tesla started off with 95 per cent battery and that after two laps around the circuit, its state of charge had dropped to 53 per cent. That’s a significant drop in charge, but the truth is that driving on the Nurburgring is not what most buyers will be doing with their Teslas.

This particular Model 3 has been equipped with the Track Pack V2 that allows drivers to adjust how much stability control they have and what percentage of power is sent to the front and rear wheels. This gives drivers heaps of room to personalize the handling experience.


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