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Watch: Tesla On Autopilot In Moscow Slams Into Tow Truck, Explodes Into Flames


Just days following we reported that who Tesla could be on the brink of an official investigation by the NHTSA, a dad and his two kids in Moscow both suffered serious injuries following their Tesla Model S on Autopilot slammed to a tow truck before exploding into flames, based on RT

Shocking video footage out of a car passing the accident in the lane captures the moment the Tesla explodes, moving up in flames and”shocking oncoming drivers”. 

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A article shared by Gago (@gagorun) on Aug 10, 2019 at 11:14am PDT

This video, about the 2 minute mark, reveals a driver passing what can only be described as the wreckage of this Tesla following the eventually was finally under control. 

The accident took place on Moscow’s Ring Road on Saturday day and reports are blaming the car’s Autopilot system for failing to comprehend that a stopped tow truck that has been attending to a car on the road. 

The driver and his children were hurried to the hospital before the Tesla captured fire. The driver suffered a concussion and a leg break and the children suffered cervical spine and torso injuries. 

Video of the first incident shows the Tesla, at the left hand lane, failing to proceed over for a stop tow truck and driving directly into the stopped vehicle. 

Usual Tesla accident. “Autopilot” fails to detect the stopped car & runs into it. Catches fire , this moment. $TSLA $TSLAQ #テスラ #CYAZ Number テスラ Number モデル3 https://t.co/PVuVZOU4zl pic.twitter.com/s3aAbNqITS

— Kawasaki_KR-1 (@KawasakiKR11) August 11, 2019

With more Teslas over the road today than ever, it seems as though that the”watershed” moment that’ll prompt the NHTSA to take serious and speedy action against the Business, to Be Able to protect drivers, may not be far off.  

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