A Corvette Performance SUV Might Not Be A Bad Idea After All



In June, former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz created a fascinating, however controversial, statement regarding the Corvette.

The outspoken supervisor stated in an interview that if he were still working for GM he could place the Corvette title on an SUV too. Given how popular sports utility vehicles are all that may not appear like a crazy idea — even Ferrari will build an SUV.

Lutz’s rationale is the upcoming mid-engine Corvette will fail to attract new buyers and younger buyers. He considers the C8 will largely appeal to Corvette aficionados that is why GM should use the popular Corvette name onto a performance SUV also that could rival versions such as the Porsche Cayenne.

While we could ’t even assert that there are a strong business case for a Corvette SUV, we don’t even believe such a movement would be well received by the Corvette community. After all, a lot (hardcore) Corvette lovers are reluctant to some mid-engine model, let alone a SUV.

Still, the performance SUV wouldn’t target Corvette lovers but rather attract new clients to the nameplate that could grow to be a performance brand in its own right. In the event that you’re curious what a Corvette SUV could look like, this rendering from Allcarnews provides a fairly great idea.

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Depending on the Camaro-inspired Chevrolet Blazer, the hypothetical Corvette utility has got the wheels pushed as far out as possible for a more wheelbase, is wider, and also features wider wheel arches. The roofline is lower and more likely towards the back while the front end surpasses Corvette-like headlights and also a gigantic grille.

Corvette lovers will understand the Z06 brakes, Camaro fender vents, and C7 hood port . In terms of the powertrain, the 650 hp 6.2-liter supercharged LT4 V8 in the Corvette Z06 are a great selection. Imagine the performance an all-wheel-drive Corvette SUV may provide.

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My Corvette SUV Render 😮 ______________________________________ [7/10/19] Firstly I don’t even believe there ought to be an Corvette SUV, unless Corvette reaches its brand… but ’s not going to occur! Anyway here’s what I did for this particular leave! Starting off with the “camaro motivated ” Blazer, I stretched out and moved back the back wheel, then moved to front wheel up & increased the width since the Corvette SUV would need to become a Longitudinal platform not poking FWD like the Blazer, and pinched in the center body to accentuate the back fenders! I reduced and slanted the roofline and stretched the wheelbase a little! 🔥 [@Allcarnews Spec Sheet: What would power a Corvette SUV? Well let’therefore only say it’s a 6.2L Supercharged LT4 V8 making 650HP along with 650 lb-ft of torque moving to… All four brakes! 🔥 Upfront was rather a challenger since each one the recent Corvette SUV renders are… nicely crap, so that is all unique. The side vents are out of a 2019 Camaro however expanded, the grille out of a Z06 and I custom made the headlights! The hood over the Blazer was rather high so I needed to lower it considerably and make this signature V contour layout. There are Z06 brakes and modified door handles alongside vents in the C7! Overall I quite like it, and personally think it’s better than every other Corvette SUV leave 😂 ________________________________________ ACN EXTRA: If it looked appropriate and had the proper operation … I actually wouldn’t even mind your Corvette SUV… thought I still don’t even believe it ought to happen. ________________________________________ -Render Copyright by @Allcarnews -Text copyright by @allcarnews – – #Corvette #V8 An #allcarnews post #CorvetteSUV #Z06 #C7 #C8 #ZR1 #URUS #Cayenne #TrackHawk #render ||#powerful #performance #turbocharged #advanced #SupercarsRevamped #Supercar #HyperCar #ItsWhiteNoise #CarLifeStyle #MadWhips #003 #Carstagram #BlackList #AmazingCars247

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