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Elon Musk Releases New Techno Album


Elon Musk has recently introduced a new techno album.

Elon Musk has ever become the front page of digital dance music tune with his recent techno-inspired NFT’S. Now, Musk has launched a 10-tack LP that’s branded ‘Technoking’ and will first be marketed as an NFT before it is readily available for streaming after this week. Musk has always shown an appreciation for digital dance music, notably jazz, also was working on his debut album for a bit over two years now. At one stage, Musk had over 100 house tracks which were good to go for launch. Instead of releasing his house monitors, Musk chose to complete his techno album first.

Recently, Musk shifted his job title to ‘Technoking’ which was performed so for advertising purposes because of his upcoming album. Musk disclosed to Mixmag that, “Everyone understands I’m the manager at Tesla so why not use what I call myself at work to advertise my true passions — creating fire productions and banging music! ” Musk’s album NFT will include exclusive album art, monitors, and commentary by Musk himself. The album is set to release at the end of the week beneath Musks’s ‘Musky Beats’ imprint.

View the Complete tracklist under:

1 – From Dawn To Musk
2 – Don’t Doubt ur Vibe
3 – Silicon Valley Parrot
4 – Musk Be The Reason (Why I’m King Of Mars)
5 – Technoking
6 – Dogeystyle (feat. Snoop Doge)
7 – The Unknown Variable (feat X AE A-Xii)
8 – Aphex Twin I Challenge You To A Pay Per View Boxing Match
9 – The Three Muskateers (feat Kanye West & Jack Dorsey)
10 – I’ve Always Liked Grimes

Feature Photo – Frederio J. Brown
Supply – Mixmag

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