Hyundai will be the first automaker to use biometric fingerprint sensor access



If it comes to cutting-edge suggestions and technologies, Hyundai isn’t normally the first automaker which springs to mind. Nothing from Hyundai, particularly now with it making some excellent cars, but brand fresh tech is generally something embraced by premium manufacturers first. But, Hyundai will be the first manufacturing automaker to use a biometric fingerprint detector inside the its outside door handles and inside ignition. Perhaps not BMW, maybe not Tesla, Not Audi. Hyundai.

Essentially, there will be a tiny fingerprint sensor at the door handle and you just touch base to unlock the car. It reads your mic to determine if it corresponds with any of the pre-programmed fingers and, if it finds a match, then unlocks the car. Afterward there’s another detector on the starter button which will permit the driver to start the car with their fingerprint. Now, I’m not sure why you’d want the latter unless you’re trying to deny entry to additional drivers, even when they have the keyfob, or in case you’ll be in a position to start the car and proceed without the keyfob entirely. Although it might be interesting to toy with my spouse and deny her fingerprint access to start the car. My sofa is comfy enough for that prank to be worth it.

Either wayit’s actually a genius thought and I’m wondering why this hasn’t already happened in cars. Rather than use NFC (Near Field Communication) and use your own smartphone (BMW) or some stupid key card (Tesla)) fingerprint recognition appears to be so much better. It’s a lot harder to reduce your mic and if you do, you have much bigger problems than simply switching back to using your keyfob to unlock your car.

One other wonderful attribute is that all your personal settings will be paired to your own fingerprint. So everything in your seating position, into the place of your mirrors, to your driver profile, will soon be paired to your digits. So let’s say your significant other forces the car, once they get inside and begin it the car will automatically put itself up to them. Whenever you do it, then it is going to set itself up for you. This seems a good deal simpler and more intuitive compared to BMW’s present system of keeping driver’s settings into the cloud and then tying them into the key.

Hyundai also claims to have remedied the issue of somebody using bogus fingerprints. Apparently, the detector is capable of realizing the power levels in distinct parts of the fingerprint. According to Hyundai, the probability of a fake working are in 50,000, which Hyundai claims is five times more secure than the traditional keyfob. That must be relatively precise, particularly with all those new cloud-based connected providers.

What’s not surprising is that ’s behind Hyundai at the present time, the man spearheading the brand into these brand fresh, uncharted waters.  “In the long run, Hyundai Motor plans to further extend the application of the technology to enable the adjustment of lighting, steering wheel position, and many other features which will be tailored to driver’s preferences” said Albert Biermann, former BMW M CEO an present head of R&D for Hyundai. “This will finally offer quality driving experience to each and every Hyundai client. ”

It’s said that Hyundai will soon be launching this on the new Sante Fe at China first and then will slowly trickle it into other markets. But because this is a copy-cat business, we can see other manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz quickly stealing this idea from Hyundai. Did you ever think that you ’d read that sentence; the Germans stealing tech ideas from Hyundai?

[Source: Car Scoops]

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