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‘I AM’ Teaching Esoteric Knowledge, Sharing Spiritual Wisdom, and Guiding all to Personal & Collective Ascension


Hi everyone, my name is Jan (John in English, meaning”Lord has shown Grace/Lord is Gracious), and I will try to keep this first post as short as possible, following posts may be more elaborate to give you more value, which is my only intent, to give as much of spiritual treasures (knowledge & wisdom) to you as I am able to do so with my finite brain.If anyone here is truth seeker, and seeking knowledge of the life beyond, or how to ascend to eternal life, I believe I have much to share. On my own I know nothing, everything that I know today, and everything that I am, I owe to Jesus the Christ. I lived most of my life in darkness, suffering, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, criminal, etc.. My life was a playground, or battleground of demons, so called fallen angels, reptilians or archons, aka Demiurge, which sought to destroy me from within myself by possessing my body, and using my mind, body and actions, to harm both me and others through me, 19 years I shared body with this dark entity, which nearly brought me to my death or imprisonment… I wasn't aware back then that it was foreign dark influence in my body, nor did I remember any of those darkest experiences where archon talked & acted through my body that even others saw that I was possessed, all until the day when I “met” God through Jesus Christ, then I was shown, both the past, present and future of my life, and my memory of those experiences previously suppressed, was restored.

In other words, after my humble prayers, and tireless persistent seeking & praying to know the Truth and meaning of life, then one night when I was in deep sleep, Jesus came, spoke to me, and by the power of His voice, as He said”rise”, same instant my soul obeyed, left the body and was raised to higher spiritual platform or dimension, or even heaven if you will. . .and here I was, in a place where everything was pure energy of Light, and the figure before me, whose physical appearance could not be seen, because out of His body, shone bright light of a 1000 suns, and this warmth of His Light, was the most powerful Light my soul ever felt.

Now, if I were to write everything that he told me, revealed to me and taught me, if I had to write it all down, then I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written, so to speak. . .99% percent of everything I don't even remember, it was out of body experience, my soul was educated while my body & brain lay in bed, in something like suspended animation I suppose. . .But He told me not to worry for not remembering, that all He had taught me I can and will remember and draw out of my heart-intuition so to speak, that through our heart&intuition, we are all connected to the universal”net”, to our Higher Self, to God, and everything else that exists, in this world or the one above, and our heart can reveal to us things that are unseen and unknown by the mind.

That was 6 years ago, by today, I remembered just enough to be able to change the world, and guide everyone back home to heaven without needing to die. Everyone who can use his mind, is able to apply this knowledge to transcend His ego and embody His Higher Self, and finish this earthly school and Ascend into 5th Dimension of Love & Light, to live in eternal life, without need to be born, grow, and die….again.

If anyone is willing to listen, to believe me, trust me, and learn from me, I stand here in your service, for your personal growth and spiritual advancement. I am willing to share knowledge freely, you just have but to ask, I will benefit from teaching you as you will benefit by learning from me, because we are one, both teacher and learner, and what we give to others is what we receive, in other words, when one teachers – two learn.

But, if you wish to help me financially I wont refuse, because my family has so much debts, we barely manage to pay the bills, and every few months we get warning that they will cut off our electricity, all because some greedy fat ignorant people had decided to deceive greatly beloved humankind's gift – Nikola Tesla. Moresoever, I cant see my mother because she goes away from our country to earn money where salary is worth working for, so she's away from home nearly whole year…If you wish to help me, any kind of sum would be appreciated, and I would be grateful beyond measure.

My Paypal email: [johnoflovelight@gmail.com](mailto:johnoflovelight@gmail.com)

If any of you show interest to commit to learning from me, it will be enough for me to dedicate myself to you, and if you find what you are learning from me truly beneficial, helpful, and valuable, then feel free to donate some money based on how grateful you are and how helpful you find the info & knowledge that you receive.

This is first time after those 6 years that I ask for help, till now I shared freely with everyone, but 85% of the time, now I realize, was casting pearls before swine…I don't wish to do that anymore, so those that help me I will be sure that they are worthy of the treasures of my heart.

Fact, truth, thought of the day;

Truth is One. . .All is One. All is God. All is Self. God is All. God is One. God is Self. One is All. One is God. One is Self.

PS- I AM One out of 12 from 8000000000 people that received this experience of Book of Life Reading / Akashic Record Consultation with Jesus the Christ, aka Yeshua ben Joseph – the Lord Sananda – King of Kings, Love & Light of my Life.

PPS- For now this is the best I can write in English language, I hope it's good enough for you guys to understand me.

Wish you all Joy, Peace, Harmony, Love and Light,

May the “Force” be with you all! 😛

Namaste, your friend and brother in Light,

“Disciple” John 🙂


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