Lucid CEO Believes The Air Has Achieved The Vault-Like Experience He Was Aiming For



Yes, this really is the CEO of a business giving a review of the car he constructed, so it isn’t especially aim. But it’s still fascinating to see what Peter Rawlinson believes the Lucid Air is like.

The “review” comes out of a video lately published by the automaker, showing Rawlinson driving a “discharge candidate. ” This is as near production as it’s, according to the movie, and also the car has been created to make certain that all of the mill ’s machines are functioning correctly .

So this movie provides us a very good idea about what the production Lucid Air would be like. There’ll be a few changes, however, because though this is a promotion video, Rawlinson will have some (quantified ) criticisms.

By way of example, he points out the mountain hold is a bit juddery and also the exact low-speed acceleration lacks some refinement. Naturally, however, those are problems that could still be dealt with.

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The ride, on the flip side, he’s nothing but praise for, as he’s glowing in regards to the suspension, walking and comfort.

It’s “super isolated ride quality,” states Rawlinson. “I wanted this vault-like encounter from an electric car that no one’s actually perfected yet. And this is the basis for it. ”

But it’s not all about comfort. Rawlinson requires the car that he calls as a sports car as a sedan out into the slopes outside San Francisco to drive it on some twisty streets.

This ’s kind of where things get exciting because though Rawlinson is biased, his resume would suggest that he’s not exactly blowing smoke. This isn’t much from his first encounter using an EV, since he was the chief engineer in Tesla where he was responsible for its Model S. Not bad, but for enthusiasts, there’s good news.

Before moving to Silicon Valley, Rawlinson held positions as Principal Engineer at Jaguar and Chief Engineer at Lotus Cars, companies that know a thing or two about tackling. So it’s going to be very interesting to learn how the Air fares after cars begin rolling off the assembly line.

Lucid recently finished work on its own Arizona factory and is anticipated to start production in the next half 2021.

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