Man Designs Gaming Toilet, And It’s A Glorious Vision Of The Future




It’s always impossible to predict what the future will hold. When I was a kid, all of us believed we’d have flying cars and a glorious sci-fi utopia by 2018, but instead all we got was Tesla cars and Brexit. 

That hasn’t stopped people far and wide from dreaming about the world of tomorrow today, of course.  on Twitter is one such dreamer, and has shared with us his vision for a gaming bathroom.

What exactly is a gaming bathroom, I hear you ask? Well, have a look below and find out. Yes, it is pretty much what you’d expect to be. And yes, it is glorious.


— 絵を描くPETER (@peter6409) March 14, 2019

The gaming bathroom looks like it might have been designed by Razer or any other premium PC hardware firm. It’s the sleek, angular shape of a high-end gaming chair, complete with padded cushions for what I assume are your bare tush.

Notice that the bowl begins to glow in that extra af way most Razer devices seem to. The console of choice (here a PS4) can be set in behind you, which is then presumably connected to a monitor (not pictured here).

There’s also a slot to hang your headphones, although in case you were using voice conversation while on the gaming bathroom, possibly spare a thought for those teammates that don’t want to listen to you emptying your bladder or intestines.

The eagle-eyed among you might even have seen the router connected to the back of the tank, because for too long gamers have suffered from lag when trying to play the loo. Presumably.


Hopefully a company like Razer sees Peter’s layouts and works with him to make them a reality. Playing scary games such as Bloodborne or Resident Evil 2 would be much simpler if you’re already immediately in a comfortable position to… relax, if you know what I mean.

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