Mini Driver Swerves To Avoid Crash, Makes Things Even Worse



As if making one big error behind the wheel wasn’t bad enough, this footage just goes to show how “easy” it’s to compound it into something a lot worse, with unpredictable consequences.

The driver of the white Mini Countryman swerved to avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front, only to find themselves directly in the path of a dashcam-equipped vehicle (possibly a crossover judging by the height of the windshield), whose driver was not able to respond in time.

Human error at its best?

Despite the fact that the Mini driver was clearly at fault here, we can’t really blame them for swerving in the first place, after all, it’s instinctual and they may not have had time to gauge the speed and space of the cammer – if they even checked their mirrors that is.

The issue is the lack of attentiveness in the first place. They need to have been completely focused on the road ahead and maintaining a distance.

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Talking of not focusing on the road ahead, the driver of this dashcam car was also a little slow to respond to what happened. It took nearly two seconds to him to climb.

Despite the fact that the impact itself looked pretty harsh (both the Countryman and the cammer were propelled directly into the concrete barrier), we hope that everyone involved made it out with no serious injuries.

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