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Musk Calls Bezos A Copycat After Amazon Buys Self-Driving Start-Up


Tesla’s Elon Musk referred to Jeff Bezos as a copycat after the news broke that Amazon is currently acquiring self-driving start-up, Zoox. This isn’t actually the first time Musk has declared the similarities between a number of Amazon’therefore movements and those of Tesla and SpaceX, or the time Musk has implied Bezos is a copycat.

When it comes to technology CEOs, there aren’t many or performing more right compared to Musk and Bezos. While Amazon has been among the main retailers delivering products to individuals throughout the COVID-19 epidemic , Musk’s SpaceX only recently carried two astronauts to the International Space Station at a historic launching for the United States. In actuality, the two also seem to be competing over a NASA Moon landing system project also.

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Reports surfaced detailing how Amazon is currently in the process of purchasing Zoox, a company that specializes in. Together with Musk’s Tesla already highly active in the self-driving market, and after viewing one of the reports of this acquisition on social networking, Musk retweeted the accounts with a message talking about Bezos as a copycat. Technically, Musk didn’t actually state “copycat” and instead, said “copy” followed by a cat emoji, topped off with a”haha.”

Taking this one Tweet on its own is one thing, and while Musk’s “haha” heavily implies it was meant as a joke, this is only the latest instance of Musk directly mentioning Bezos in a Tweet relating to the way Amazon operates and its business decisions. For example, Amazon was recently accused of banning the sale of a book and while Amazon reversed that decision, citing the removal as an accident, Musk took the opportunity to point out how it is”time to break up Amazon” and that”monopolies are incorrect,” while also tagging Bezos.

Going back even further and a far more similar situation emerged. On this occasion, news broke that Amazon was planning to launch more than 3,000 internet satellites. Again, this is an industry Musk is already involved in through SpaceX and that connection was not lost on the CEO, considering Musk replied to one of the reports by tagging Bezos and saying “copy. ” Again, along with the same cat image, and this time no “haha.”

Besides the fact that Musk seems to enjoy Bezos in Tweets, the Amazon founder never actually appears to answer. Furthermore, although Musk also enjoys to highlight Amazon will make similar moves into Musk’s businesses, that’s likely to be expected. Both these CEOs and their businesses are working in the forefront of engineering and appear to be concentrated at the identical time on multiple jobs. Hence, the similarities in company decisions between Amazon and Tesla (and SpaceX) are somewhat more coincidental, compared to anything else. Obviously, with this being the first time that the Tesla CEO has referred to Bezos and Amazon since copying, it probably won’t be the last.

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