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Saturday links: environmental guilt


Automobiles There is a symbiotic connection between automobiles and houses in America. (kottke.org)Red light passing are in a 10-year large in the US. (wsj.com)Tesla ($TSLA) is gambling its information is a lot better than what insurers have. (jalopnik.com)The market for classic automobiles appears to have appeared. (fortune.com)The Cadillac brand is experiencing still another makeover. (nytimes.com)The math for Uber ($UBER) and Lyft ($LYFT) drivers is tough. (jalopnik.com)Rising waterGreat Lakes water levels have reached record highs. (wsj.com)More coastal cities are having to make difficult’abandon or defend’ decisions. (newscientist.com)EnvironmentFarmers may do much more to sequester carbon from the soil. (modernfarmer.com)Feeding cattle some seaweed could nearly eliminate methane emissions. (goodnewsnetwork.org)The Amazon is not’the Earth’s lungs.’ (theatlantic.com)Removing travel-size amenities from resorts won’t do much for the surroundings. (marketwatch.com)Are we all hyprocrites about the surroundings? (washingtonpost.com)Electric vehiclesBattery powered ships are the next issue to electrify. (bloomberg.com)To build batteries we’re going to need to recycle older ones. (bloomberg.com)TravelCan high-speed trains get Americans to give up airlines? (ozy.com)Should we feel guilty about the ecological impact of travel? (nytimes.com)Flight-shaming or’flygskam’ has come into the US. (wsj.com)What occurs when’sister cities’ split? (atlasobscura.com)The search is on for less-traveled destinations. (nytimes.com)SecurityiOS hacking may be more widespread than previously believed. (wired.com)Every CS level should require no less than a course in cybersecurity. (hbr.org)You require a password manager. (engadget.com)Why you want a VPN. (engadget.com)TechnologyOwen Williams, “AMP strips publishers of full autonomy and control over their content.” (onezero.medium.com)If you don’t like Big Tech, there are alternatives. (m.signalvnoise.com)The joys and cost benefits of becoming a slow technology adopter. (nytimes.com)Data group make the absolutely totally free web possible. (stratechery.com)Mental healthWhat a depression self-care cheat sheet looks like. (medium.com)‘Quick’ interventions may have positive effects on emotional wellbeing. (theatlantic.com)How to manage your mental illness on the job. (nytimes.com)BehaviorPeak emotional encounters are the most meaningful ones in our own lives. (blogs.scientificamerican.com)How to craft much better commitment devices. (fastcompany.com)Now concussions are connected with a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. (statnews.com)Some evidence that optimists live longer. (washingtonpost.com)Should you behave to be an extravert, even if you aren’t one? (digest.bps.org.uk)MedicineMany conventional medical care have never been effectively analyzed for efficacy. (theincidentaleconomist.com)There are increasing concerns about the long term usage of anti-depressants. (wsj.com)When if you push against an antibiotic prescription. (elemental.medium.com)Why men have low-T stress: marketing. (nytimes.com)FitnessA large upside of working with a personal coach is not needing to make any decisions. (fatherly.com)Why asking”how many steps should I take in a day” would be the wrong question. (nytimes.com)Why F45 is the sexy, new exercise craze. (fastcompany.com)Sports drinks are full of sugar. (marketwatch.com)How exercise can help those people in recovery. (elemental.medium.com)Exercise to sleep much better. (scientificamerican.com)Just walk more. (elemental.medium.com)FoodCPG companies are using large information to enhance product development times. (ft.com)Some startups that are attempting to re-make breakfast cereal wit a low-carb strategy. (vox.com)Why California’s lemon crop is so damn large this year. (bloomberg.com)Potato chips, ranked. (washingtonpost.com)DrinkAsahi has been develop its own portfolio of beer assets through acquisition. (ft.com)It’s tough to twist the evidence in favour of drinking. (elemental.medium.com)Red wine drinkers have more varied gut bacteria. (newscientist.com)CannabisHound Labs is building a marijuana breathalyzer. (businessinsider.com)The DEA has explained its position CBD. (arstechnica.com)DogsWhat does it feel like being a dog? (wsj.com)Putting a cost on the ecological impact of puppies. (washingtonpost.com)SportsEngland’s lesser soccer clubs are increasingly being squeezed financially. (wsj.com)The football helmet business is being disrupted. (axios.com)Outside of a small number of marquee titles, professional tennis may be a lonely, perhaps not particularly remunerative encounter. (wsj.com)MediaWhy re-bundling will occur across media types. (onezero.medium.com)Apple ($AAPL) doesn’t have the identical profit pressures as Netflix ($NFLX) in movie. (aboveavalon.com)It’s getting more difficult to kill a television series for good with the expanding amount of outlets. (fortune.com)News aggregation is the new, news. (axios.com)CollegeWhy parents are so willing to forfeit their children’s college education. (nytimes.com)Is your child emotionally prepared for college? (wsj.com)College administrations are putting the screws for student papers. (theatlantic.com)Late-night gambling is now a risk for college kids. (wsj.com)Why dorms are so damn nice today. (theatlantic.com)KidsThe best, and wrong, approaches to praise your kids. (forge.medium.com)Obstacle course racing is marketing to the teen demographic. (wsj.com)Don’t ever predict traveling with small children a’vacation.’ (radreads.co)Parents increasingly feel nickeled-and-dimed at college nowadays. (wsj.com)Reading must be fun for kids, not for outside recognition. (nytimes.com)Earlier on Abnormal ReturnsLongform links: never feeling it. (abnormalreturns.com)What you missed in our Friday linkfest. (abnormalreturns.com)Podcast links: inspection bombing. (abnormalreturns.com)The Swensen Portfolio, Financial Fraud along with the Return Gap. (abnormalreturns.com)Mixed mediaExplore vs. exploit: both work in good times, however one works much better in bad times. (wsj.com)Why we’re so attracted to lottery-like payoffs. (seths.blog)Why concealed fees irk us a lot. (ft.com)How to make it easier for folks to get to know you. (artofmanliness.com)

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