Tesla Cybertruck Too Unsafe To Be Sold In Europe, German Authorities Say



Hundreds of thousands of customers have already expressed their interest in purchasing the Tesla Cybertruck in North America and other markets, but it seems that the electric pickup truck won’t be approved for selling in Europe – at least not in its current form.

Quoted by AutomobileWoche, German authorities state that the vehicle’s structure is too rigid and therefore does not provide occupants with the mandatory safety. Furthermore, the rigid body panels are a nightmare when it comes to pedestrian protection, as the front bumper and bonnet of a car needs to deform in order to absorb the forces in the event of an accident.

Video: Watch Elon Musk Run Over A Kid-Sized Pylon In A Cybertruck And Not Even Notice

According to Stefan Teller, a TUV expert, the Cybertruck needs “strong modifications to the basic structure”, as “the occupants feel safe, but they are not”. “The bumper and bonnet must be able to absorb energy to protect the pedestrians”, Teller explains, and in the case of Tesla’s new EV, “nothing is deformed in the event of an impact. Instead, enormous forces act on the occupants. Airbags no longer help.” As a result, “it will not be possible to sell it as a mass-production vehicle in Germany based on type approval.”

So, why is it possible to sell it in our market and not overseas? That’s because makers of this type of vehicles have the option of self-certifying that they are roadworthy here, whereas in Germany, local authorities and the TUV are involved in the homologation process. Passive protection, which is tested out by Euro NCAP, is also important in Europe, and since the Cybertruck qualifies as a light-duty truck in the U.S., it can make do without certain safety features and still be street legal.


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