Tesla dashcam catches chilling encounter of motorist pulling gun on Model 3 driver



A man driving a Hyundai SUV with California plates pointed his gun in a Tesla Model 3 proprietor while on an Oregon street. The whole experience was caught on footage from the Model 3’s Tesla dashcam.

The Model 3 proprietor was headed to Salem to pick his wife up as soon as the Hyundai SUV pulled him up. Subsequently the driver at the Hyundai pointed out a small gun in the Model 3 proprietor for no clear reason. According to Wham Baam Teslacam, the Tesla motorist simply ignored the man with the gun to diffuse the situation, which appeared to care for a small while. 

While the reasons behind the SUV driver’s actions are unfamiliar, this really isn’t the first time that an electric car owner was exposed to rather dangerous behavior from other drivers on the street. At times, aggressive behavior toward Tesla owners in particular is detected, according to the cases of coal-rolling that are reported by EV owners. However, drivers against battery electric cars don’t normally display threatening behavior, like the man at the Hyundai SUV.

Tesla driver approaches stopped diesel truck, has coal rolled

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Coal rolling appears to be the regular plan of activity for individuals against the EV transition. Leaking rolling is your action of emitting big gray/black smoke to the atmosphere by modifying a diesel engine to raise the amount of fuel going into the motor. Some motorists that are adamant fans of the internal combustion engine have now participated in coal rolling to express their disdain for battery electric vehicles. 

Tesla, which many will argue is the principal company that has brought about the resurgence of the EV revolution, appears to be the number one goal of drivers that may ’t even appear to accept that electric automobiles have entered the automobile market. Many Tesla owners have undergone coal rolling firsthand .

However, coal rolling can only be upsetting or frustrating at most, taking into consideration the hard work and thought that goes from your action. Pointing a gun in a Tesla proprietor appears to be an entire different amount of disdain that might have harmful effects if replicated by others.

Have a look at the movie of that Tesla dashcam caught of this experience below.