Tesla driver approaches stopped diesel truck, gets coal rolled



Back in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a Tesla motorist was wrapped in what might be the most obvious and deliberate attack against an EV yet.

Leaking rolling is the action of modifying a petrol engine to increase the quantity of gas that reaches the engine. Once more fuel enters the engine, a thick, excessive number of dark gray or black smoked emits into the atmosphere, full of soot and toxic chemicals derived from gas or diesel fuel.

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Illegal in several nations, coal rolling is generally a kind of anti-environmentalism and was initially noticed when the Toyota Prius Hybrid turned into a favorite vehicle in the 2000s. In 2014, New Jersey became the first nation to sign a bill into law that will prohibit the action of intentionally “rolling lava ” into the atmosphere. Considering that it involves eliminating a filter or an engine modification that wouldn’t let it pass an emissions inspection, the punishment can take heavy fines and citations.

Because Tesla owners have turned into a more popular breed within the previous several decades, there have been plenty of drivers who’ve been exposed to coal roster strikes. While some aren’t so deliberate and could be claimed as an accident, many have taken place that’s too coincidental to be considered an accident. This might be the worst however.

The video, uploaded by Drive Tesla Canada, shows a diesel GMC truck taking a side-by-side turn. Following the driver understood that behind himsitting at a stoplight, was a Tesla, they come to a complete stop, waiting for the all-electric automobile to approach him in the back. Whenever the Tesla gets close, the pickup driver melts the gasoline, letting go of some huge cloud of black sootthat lingers in front of the environmentally-friendly EV.

After waiting and sitting for the pollution to disperse, the Model 3 then pulls up into the back of the truck once more, where the video ends.

The deliberate attack is far from an accident, especially considering the pickup driver made a clear and concise move to stop in the center of the road to await the Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 owner targeted in road rage “coal roster ” attack, caught on TeslaCam

The region that the video happened from Edmonton is still an oil-driven community. The city’s rich background in fossil fuels motivated the name of its National Hockey League team, the Oilers. According to the state ’s website, Alberta, the state that Edmonton sits , has got the third-largest reserves behind Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

Although this isn’t the first time a Tesla has been coal rolled, it will certainly not be the last. Tesla owners have been exposed to these types of attacks, and worse, as a result of the anti-EV movement that’s driven by petroleum companies and fossil gas entities. On the other hand, the adoption of electric automobiles is increasing and has become more powerful than ever. Since the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, eventually, the phasing out of diesel and petrol-powered engines will occur, leaving some drivers no choice except to utilize clean energy to transport themselves from one place to another.

Watch the coal rolling video under.

H/t: Drive Tesla Canada

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