Kanye Answers Joe Rogan Asking Why People Think Something Is Wrong With Him



On October 24, Kanye West from Keeping Up with the Kardashians sat down with Joe Rogan and answered Joe’s question, “Why do people think there’s something wrong with you?”

West is running for POTUS as a member of the “Birthday Party.” Kanye West held a campaign event in South Carolina this past September, and Kanye’s event was no laughing matter. He wore a bulletproof vest, talked in circles, and eventually broke down in tears. He’s also shocked fans and critics alike with his social media posts. In particular, he posted about his own wife, Kim Kardashian, questioning her fidelity to him. These events and more have left a lot of people worried about the famous rapper and fashion business mogul, who, according to his wife, has severe bipolar disorder.

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Joe Rogan asked (via Powerful JRE at YouTube), “Why do people think there’s something wrong with you, you’ve been medicated. They’ve put you away. How did that happen?” The latest episode of Joe Rogan’s popular podcast was three hours long. It consisted primarily of Kanye West explaining God’s plans for him, conspiracy theories, distrust of virtually all systems in place, and his feelings on his own mental health. Kanye said things like, “there are people who are possessed who have demonic ways,” and “the world would probably be free by now, if Tesla wasn’t destroyed by the media that Edison controlled.” To Joe’s pointed questions, Kanye responded, “I think very three-dimensionally I don’t think in the black and white lines I’ve been programmed in. I think in full color, and when I talk I describe a thought in five ways.” He added, “when I talk, it’s not a rant, it’s a symphony.” The idea that his mind and words are a grand symphony, far greater in importance than the thinking and speech of the average person, wasn’t the only ego-filled statement Kanye gave during the interview. Kanye West regularly referred to himself as being ordained by God to “lead the free world,” and called himself a “superhero,” a “genius,” and a “visionary.”

When Joe asked about the medications Kanye West was given when he was first hospitalized, West drew a blank. He said, “I’m forgetting the exact medication.” He admitted that he is not currently taking his prescribed meds, and added, “We’re all on medication right now. Did you use toothpaste with fluoride in it? It blocks your pineal gland. It’s [the medication] to create a disconnect between God.”

As far as his decision to run for President, West said, “it hit me in the shower, and when I first thought of it, I started laughing to myself.” Despite the laughter from many others, Kanye fully believes that he and God are the solution to the world’s problems. He said, “That’s my skill set. Anything I go into, producing, rap, homes, clothing, anything, once I’m given the right information, I apply my taste. And I have the best taste on the planet.”

While some people are unsure about the KUWTK’s key demographics, there will be many people who vote for this “Birthday Party” candidate. Despite having a massive following thanks to his rap career and Sunday services, there is no evidence that Kanye’s own wife will be voting for him. Kim Kardashian has not officially endorsed Kanye in his run for President.

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Source: Powerful JREKanye West

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