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Tesla drops request for restraining order against allegedly dangerous short seller


Tesla has pulled its petition for a court-ordered restraining order against Randeep Hothi, documents filed to the court in which the complaint was registered disclosed Friday. Hothi, a person who is very vocal on social networking about his short standing in Tesla, went to extreme and potentially harmful spans in his avid attempts to gather materials to support his vocal criticism, according to the firm.

The Alameda County Superior Court really granted Tesla a temporary injunction in this matter back in April, following Tesla filed a complaint together with supporting documents supporting its assertion which Hothi had hurt a guard during a hit-and-run incident in February, and that he caused an accident by driving dangerously in pursuit of an Tesla Model 3 project a test driven April 16.

After granting the temporary injunction based on Tesla’s description of events, supporting materials, and also written affidavits filed by employees, the court requested Tesla to produce both audio and video recordings related to those two incidents into a hearing loss. Despite its complaint Friday, Tesla conveyed in documents filed with the court which it considered that this requirement unnecessary in light of materials already supplied, along with an undue imposition on the solitude of their employees, since the recorded conversations about the incident comprised “its workers ’ private and personal conversations” as well as materials concerning the situation.

Tesla maintains in its own letter to the courtroom that it still believes “a restraining order against Mr. Hothi is necessary and appropriate to safeguard its employees at their workplace,” it states that confronted with the decision between stated protection and exposing their workers ’ private talks to further public scrutiny, it will rather opt to pursue the protection of their safety “via other means. ”

When contacted about the withdrawal, a Tesla spokesperson advised TechCrunch that the organization is currently convinced Hothi ought to be well aware at this stage that he’s not permitted to join the firm ’s property, and that it will pursue legal action should he attempt to do this in future.

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