Tesla Gigafactory Berlin partner talks ‘prestige,’ operations as early as June



ATN Hölzel GmbH, a program and automation tech company from Oppach, Germany, recently described the way the contract with Tesla because of the Gigafactory Berlin project is something that invokes “prestige. ” The company also hinted in a potential target date for Gigafactory Berlin’so operations, that is very aggressive in its own right.

In a statement to MDR Sachsen, ATN spokesman Ronny Gutte noticed that the company would be building the automation line for several window bonding strategies for Gigafactory Berlin. This should be in line with the company ’s expertise, considering that the ATN specializes in automated bonding, sealing, and foaming technology. 

#GigaBerlin The next 🇩🇪 company got the contract from Tesla -ATN Hölzel GmbH- will build the automation line for several window bonding systems in the Giga. “a project at the pioneer of electromobility also has prestige character”Company spokesman says. https://t.co/9DSu0O4XoR

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Quite reluctantly, Gutte commented that ATN’s automation systems in Gigafactory Berlin are expected to go into operation as early as June, and they’re quite unique. “We begin onto a white sheet of paper,” the spokesperson remarked. Considering that ATN apparently plays a part in the electrical car manufacturer ’s vehicle manufacturing process, the idea of the Made-in-Germany Model Y entering manufacturing sometime this year appears feasible. 

Tesla is a biggest automaker by market cap today, and the company is among the most successful in the electrical car transition. Bearing this in mind, Gutte mentioned that ATN Hölzel GmbH is now seeking to expand its function to allow the enterprise to satisfy the demands of Tesla and its own grand electrical vehicle factory expansion. “The goal is always lasting cooperation,” Gutte noted. 

This goal seems to be well within reach for the Germany-based program and automation tech company. This is not the first time that ATN was exploited by Tesla, after all, as the company had already provided its solutions for its electric car manufacturer ’s US plant in the past. Gutte also noticed that besides Gigafactory Berlin, ATN is also poised to deploy its own technology in a brand new US-based centre. While not disclosed, this plant would likely be Gigafactory Texas, that will be predicted to produce vehicles such as the Model Y and the highly-anticipated Cybertruck. 

Overall, Gutte commented that its contact Tesla is an exciting undertaking, particularly considering the American company ’s place in the EV transition. “Although Tesla is still one of our smaller clients, a project with the pioneer of electrical mobility also has a tiny prestige character. Tesla works a little differently as a young car manufacturer than our typical clients in the automotive sector. This makes the work enjoyable and we look ahead to the projects,” the spokesperson stated. 

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