Tesla Model S Catches Fire In Hong Kong Parking Lot Prompting Battery Update



A Tesla Model S allegedly caught fire in a parking lot in Hong Kong on Sunday and the automobile manufacturer has already rolled out an over-the-air battery software upgrade to try and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Reuters reports that the Model S 85 was parked in the city’s San Po Kong District for roughly 30 minutes before it caught fire. Three explosions were captured on CCTV footage and the automobile wasn’t plugged in at the time of the fire.

Local authorities are believed to be investigating the case but that hasn’t stopped Tesla itself getting the jump and already taking action, Tech Crunch reports.

On Tuesday, the Calfironian electric automobile manufacturer announced that it is introducing a software upgrade to change battery charge and thermal management settings in the Model S and Model X. Tesla has yet to determine the cause of the fire in Hong Kong and doesn’t yet know if there are any issues with the battery pack.

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“We currently have well over half a million vehicles on the street, which is more than double the number we had at the start of this past year, and Tesla’s group of battery experts uses that information to thoroughly investigate incidents that occur and understand the root cause,” the firm said in a statement. “Although fire incidents between Tesla vehicles are extremely rare and our cars are 10 times less likely to experience a fire than a gas car, we believe the perfect number of episodes to anticipate is zero. ”

“As we continue our investigation of the root cause, out of an abundance of caution, we are revising charge and thermal management settings on Model S and Model X vehicles through an over-the-air software upgrade that will start rolling out today, to help further protect the battery and improve battery longevity,” Tesla confirmed.

The update will not be made available to the Tesla Model 3.

The flame in Hong Kong comes just a few weeks following a Model S was filmed exploding while parked in a Shanghai parking lot.

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