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Tesla owner lives in a Model 3 instead of her house: ‘I believe this is the future’


The owner of a Tesla Model has made a decision to reside in her car rather than her property. A woman called Kiera started living in her Long Range Tesla Model 3 whilst leasing her Colorado home to travelers rather than residing inside herself.

The decision came to fruition fifteen months after the Model 3 owner has been traveling more often than not. She said that since purchasing the vehicle she has driven 40,000 milesper hour “I have two children in school, so I need to maintain my residency therein, and a couple of keepsakes,” Kiera said in an interview with Bob Wells of those CheapRVLiving YouTube Channel.

Aside from a couple of nights a year at which she’s in the region, the Tesla proprietor spends the vast majority of her nights at her Model 3. She has employed it to sleep without having to shell out less on hotel rooms and packed her belongings to her sedan after determining to use her house as a source of earnings.

“I predict it ‘traveling’” she explained.

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Kiera uses Tesla’s broad system of both Superchargers and Destination Chargers, as well as 50 amp RV chargers to keep her “home” powered. She has spent several nights at RV parks and parking lots charging her car with low voltage electrical vehicle chargers. The Tesla proprietor has found a means to earn overnights in her Model 3 a affair.

After purchasing a sleeping bag along with mattress from Amazon, Kiera produced a makeshift bed by folding down the rear seats of this Model 3. She moans with her head behind the motorist ’s seat along with her toes. The Model 3 proprietor also journeys with her dog for company, so she has used a rip-stop nylon cap for your own sleeping bag and mattress to help keep things clean and free of tears.

For drinking and cooking, Kiera maintains a large jug using a filtration apparatus for water along with also a little portable hot plate for cooking meals when she’s on the go. She keeps so she isn’t constantly spending cash eating at 23, produce and some non-perishable items in the trunk of the car. “I’ll throw a raw egg from the deli and some new veggies in [the plate]and plug it in, go on a hike to get a couple hours and after I return the chicken breast is cooked, then ” she explained.

While Kiera decided to reside in her Model 3 for convenience and traveling reasons, she said that the ecological aspects were also important for her. “Right now do my part. I wished to be on the edge of seeing the planet transition to this type of transport. “I feel this is the long run. ”

You can see the interview and tour of a Model 3 “RV” from the movie below.

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