Tesla Semi gets nod from trucking veteran: “(It’s) a good thing for the industry”



Spurred on by the interruption of original movers like Tesla, the electric vehicle revolution is now spreading at a very rapid pace. With the advent of vehicles like the Tesla Semi, the EV motion is set to spread to even larger markets. Amidst the Semi’s imminent disruption, industry pros are beginning to get excited about the all-electric long-hauler’s coming.

One of those specialists is Sean Chenault, who has been in the trucking industry for 16 decades. During this time, he’s taken on numerous roles, from being a trucker to serving as a supervisor. Just recently, Chenault voiced his optimism for the Semi, saying that the automobile “is a great thing for the trucking industry as a whole. ”

Chenault further noted that the Semi’s impressive feature set, such as its Class 8 hauling capability, its 5-second 0-60 mph acceleration time, along with also its ability to travel approximately 500 mph, is only the tip of this iceberg for the electric truck’s potential. As a veteran, Chenault pointed out that one of the Semi’s most compelling capabilities are its semi-autonomous features.

“Having autonomous vehicles, you don’t should pay a motorist, and you also don ’t have to worry about hours of service,” that he stated .

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As soon as the Tesla Semi was declared, Elon Musk noted that the company’s present technology was already enough to give the electric long-hauler a semi-autonomous feature. Dubbed as “Convoy Mode,” the capability could permit several Semis into semi-autonomously draft in close proximity with each other, decreasing energy use from wind resistance.

“The convoy technology, the monitoring technology, this can be something that we are confident we can now perform ten times safer than an individual driver. I would like to be clear, this can be something we can do today,” Musk stated.

Concept videos shared with Tesla during the Semi’s unveiling show one manned Semi leading two unmanned electric trucks across a route. So, although it might still require some time until Convoy Mode is rolled out into the company’s forthcoming fleet of long-haulers, there may come a time when one motorist could efficiently drive three trucks — or using additional hardware and software improvements — possibly even more.

Roadmaster Group CEO John Wilbur commented that Tesla’s technologies would ultimately provide a means to move cargo while reducing the amount of manpower needed to complete tasks. Wilbur emphasized that this specific advantage really will help address a few of the trucking business ’s chief challenges now.

“We are struggling to find drivers today. If autonomous drivers are able to remove that deficit, it’s good thing,” he explained.

The Tesla Semi is now being examined on US roads. The silver prototype, for one, has been seen in many countries over the last few months. The matte black test mule, which also made an appearance during the vehicle’s unveiling, was recently seen charging at a Supercharger also. Elon Musk initially announced that the Semi would start manufacturing sometime in June 2019, however later announcements from Tesla mind of investor relations Martin Viecha suggested that the firm could “actively ” start producing the Semi by 2020.

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