Tesla’s 16-year anniversary: A tale of trials, tribulations, and grit that continues to this day



Sixteen years before, engineer-entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning integrated a business that has been, for the most part, a valid haul. Named Tesla Motors, the business occupied an office which had three desks along with two little rooms in a building located at 845 Oak Grove Avenue in Menlo Park, CA. The duo had a business idea that is crazy: they wanted to make electric automobiles, and they wanted to turn it. At the moment, the idea was insane, since EVs were not even a part of any talks in the automobile industry. Tarpenning and Eberhard needed a notion for a Lotus-based electric sports car, however locating an investor who could pony up was challenging. 

Tesla’s Roots

During this time, Elon Musk was busy looking into the notion of sending mice into space on a trip. Fortunately for Eberhard and Tarpenning, they soon got word that Musk, a multimillionaire who began a personal rocket company, looked to invest in the car world. The duo flew to Los Angeles and satisfied with all the SpaceX founder of a Friday, and over the course of the next weekend, Musk peppered Tarpenning using a barrage of questions about Tesla Motors’ business design. By the next Monday, Tarpenning and Eberhard were back in LA for a second assembly with Musk. At the meeting’s end, Musk simply informed the guys, “Okay, I’m in. ”

Musk was what Tesla Motors needed. He had the technology background to understand what the business was attempting to build, along with his funds out of his Silicon Valley fortune were enormous. Musk invested $6.5 million into Tesla Motors, making him the largest shareholder and the Chairman of the company. Not long after that, Musk contacted JB Straubel, particularly since Eberhard and Tarpenning and challenges were meeting with in their automobile ’s batteries. Musk and Straubel had previously formed a kinship after discovering common ground in EVs, particularly with the latter’s fascination with utilizing lithium-ion batteries to power a car (Musk had also agreed to fund Straubel’s ion battery ideas). During his meeting Eberhard and Tarpenning, Straubel told him he was building the battery they were looking for using funding from Musk. “We formed this set, & rdquo and agreed to combine forces; Straubel said, remembering Tesla Motors’ most early days. 

A lot has happened over the following 16 years. Tesla Inc., since the company is now called, has a market cap of about $40 billion, despite being one of the most shorted companies in the automobile industry. The business has expanded its operations to power storage methods, a field that Straubel is still involved with. Elon Musk stands as rsquo & the company and remains the largest shareholder;s CEO, however he has relinquished his Chairman function to board celebrity Robyn Denholm following a run-in with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Today, Tesla is concerned in what could be called a battle for the future of transportation, being the trailblazer in the car industry. So enormous is the company’s possibility that investor Ron Baron has predicted which Tesla could eventually be a company. 

A promotional image of the first Tesla Roadster. (Credit: Tesla)

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From the Tesla Roadster to the Model 3

To say it took a lot of effort for Tesla for this point is a understatement, particularly as every vehicle that the business has introduced was met with an quantity of skepticism and pushback. The Tesla Roadster, the automobile that Eberhard, Tarpenning, along with Straubel created since the earliest days of the business, was released in 2008, right in the center of the US fiscal crisis. Objectively speaking, a two-seater, all-electric sports automobile wasn’t a sensible purchase then. The first Tesla Roadster had its own fair share of production challenges also, to the point where auto publication The Truth About Cars actually decided to perform some Tesla Death Watch series. Though late, the Roadster became successful nonetheless, compelling the Tesla Death Watch to end and getting prolific enough to usher in the WhiteStar job, which will eventually grow to be the Model S.

Acquiring the Model S to market was just too tough, or even harder than the Roadster’s already-painful production ramp. In 2007, Musk showed noted automobile designer Henrik Fisker Tesla’s no idea for your WhiteStar sedan, a car that must haul a family and price about half of the Roadster’s no cost. Fisker had a reputation for creating stunning automobiles for Aston Martin, BMW, also Mercedes-Benz, however as noted by Ron Lloyd, the former vice president of Tesla’s WhiteStar job, the designs he filed for Tesla’s household sedan were strangely laborious. After Musk pushed , Fisker would attribute the limitations that Tesla put on the car. In 2008, Musk and the Tesla team looked in shock since Fisker began his own automobile business, Fisker Automotive, also unveiled that the Karma, a hybrid car that had all of the makings of a green car or truck. It wasn’t before an established designer out of Mazda, Franz von Holzhausen decided to take a leap of faith which job WhiteStar started progressing. Working with Musk on every detail of the automobile, the results of von Holzhausen’s function was that the Tesla Model S, a car that could redefine not merely electric vehicles, however automobiles as a whole. 

Tesla’s vehicles were less difficult. The Model X has been dismissed as an vehicle to produce due to its Falcon Wing Doors. While significantly postponed, the SUV nevertheless entered creation, though it took extreme measures, such as Musk sleeping in the Fremont mill, to get the automobile ’s manufacturing underway. Fortunately for Tesla, it seems that the Model X turned into a lesson for the company, according to the straightforward design of the Model 3, and in the future , the Model Y. After coming to terms with its own hubris and creating what Elon Musk aptly called the Fabergé egg of automobiles in the Model X, Tesla seems to have grown. This could be seen in the similarity of the business &rsquo. 

Credit: Tesla

Into the Future

Led by arguably one of the most insistent innovators alive now, Tesla stays engaged in battle every step of the way. Despite the emergence of competitors which are generously dubbed “Tesla Killers,” and the negative narrative surrounding the company, the automobile maker continues to grow. Tesla has expanded its operations into China, in which Gigafactory 3 has been constructed at a record pace. Once that is finished, Tesla could tap China’s lucrative electric car market without any unnecessary restraints. Vehicles in the company’s lineup, even by the Tesla Roadster to the Tesla Semi to the Tesla Truck, are expected to be as disruptive as every automobile that the company has introduced. 

Tesla’s automobiles are by no means the initial EVs available on the industry. But they are the vehicles which compelled the automobile industry to realize there is a valid demand for compellingelectric automobiles. The presence of EVs like the Porsche Taycan, which the German automaker anticipates will probably be nearly as critical as the 911, is evidence that Tesla has and is succeeding in its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy. A lot has happened in 16 years, but when Tesla’s character it might seem the company’s narrative is only starting. 

View a Tesla enthusiast’s tribute video to Tesla&rsquo.

Today, Tesla concludes 16. That is a video showcasing the incredible things that the company has achieved since! @tesla @elonmusk #tesla pic.twitter.com/wegjV0inuC

— Billy Crammer (@billycrammer) July 1, 2019

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