Twitter Says Hackers Targeted 130 Accounts in Cyber-Attack



Twitter Inc. showed hackers targeted only 130 accounts during the cyber-attack this week which jeopardized a number of the planet ’s most identifiable individuals, despite no passwords were stolen.

The U.S. company said the still-unknown perpetrators had obtained control of a subset of those accounts and were able to send tweets. Twitter has blocked info downloads as its investigation continues, it said on its service page.

“We’re working with influenced account owners and will continue to do so over the next few times,” the company said. “We are continuing to assess whether non-public data was endangered, and will provide updates if we decide which occurred. ”

Details have been trickling out concerning the hack that affected international political and business leaders, including Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama and Tesla Inc.. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk. People who obtained access used them to try an bitcoin scam, sending tweets asking to give them money in exchange for a payment in return.

Twitter is grappling with the security breach in its own history. It&rsquo coordinated rdquo & social engineering attack; this targeted its own employees. That allowed hackers access s user accounts, and then systems, it said. That induced Twitter to stop accounts.

Twitter is still probing the way the attack was carried out and has not disclosed if any other info from the accounts — such as data like private messages has been endangered. The company’s no the things they actually targeted at the assault and speculation so much has ignited over the identity of the perpetrators. The scale of the project and its timing — months prior to the November U.S. elections — have prompted some cybersecurity experts to theorize that the assault masked a more nefarious campaign to seize sensitive data.

Some men and women who changed their passwords in the past 30 days might be blocked by accessing their account, the company said earlier, but doesn’t mean those accounts were endangered.

“We don’t have any evidence that Moses obtained passwords” Twitter said in an update Thursday. “Currently, we don&rsquo. ”

& ldquo actions to restrict access to internal systems and tools while our analysis is ongoing will be taken by it. ”

U.S. politicians quickly phoned on Twitter to share more information.

“The ability of poor actors to shoot over notable accounts, even fleetingly, signs a worrisome vulnerability in this network environment,” said Democratic Senator Mark Warner, vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee, also one of the tech business ’s most vocal critics. The Federal Bureau of Investigation can be investigating the hackon.

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