Verkada allowed at least 100 employees, including interns and sales staff, to access customers’ camera feeds



Verkada camera security surveillance system

Verkada allow at least 100 employees access clients ' camera packs, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.
On Monday, hackers used the exact same "Super Admin" account to access 150,000 camera feeds.
Workers had repeatedly raised concerns regarding Verkada's security lapses, according to Bloomberg.
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On Monday, a bunch of hackers breached Verkada, gaining access to live and archived footage from 150,000 of its clients ' private security cameras.

As it happens, the accounts they used to access those feeds were broadly available to Verkada employees as well.

Verkada permitted at least 100 employees, such as interns and sales employees, to access "Super Admin" accounts, giving them the ability to view clients ' cameras, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

A Verkada spokesperson advised Insider it’d "formerly restricted accessibility to internal administrator account for engineers and support staff in order that they can address clients ' questions and technical issues," and it required them to get clients ' "explicit consent " before accessing their feeds.

"We have verified that our system is more protected and have restricted administrator accessibility as we conduct a review of their policies and permissions," the spokesperson added.

However, Bloomberg's coverage found Verkada employees had repeatedly raised concerns regarding widespread Super Admin access and also the ease with which employees could bypass security measures meant to keep them from abusing this accessibility.

The independent research firm IPVM also reported previously on Wednesday that Verkada didn't disclose to clients when its employees viewed their camera feeds, even for troubleshooting technical issues.

Verkada told Insider that it logs workers ' activities and will review them as part of its internal investigation, and it is going to discpline and, if appropriate, terminate employees found to have obtained customer information in breach of its policies.

Verkada formerly came under fire over internal accessibility to its cameras after a report surfaced allowing male employees of using the company's cameras to take photos of female workers and discuss them at a private Slack channel. After originally disputing the accounts, Verkada finally fired the male employees involved, following another investigation by Vice News.

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