Video: Which Drives Better? The BMW 3 Series or the Tesla Model 3?



The new 3 Series has been getting pretty good reviews so far, a lot of the journalists testing it claiming there are noticeable improvements in key areas of the car. Whereas the old F30 model has been generally considered a bit too soft and too loose for the 3 Series nameplate, the new G20 model seems to have put all that trouble behind it. However, the landscape in which the new 3er has to operate has changed as well and there’s a very important new kid on the block now: the Tesla Model 3.

Back when the F30 model was being developed and for most of its shelf life, it didn’t have to worry about Tesla’s affordable sedan. After it was launched, the Model 3 became an instant sensation, gathering so many accolades some have thought it could challenge the king of the segment. The comparison is a bit stretched out though, as there still isn’t a fully electric 3er on sale today anywhere in the world but if we leave the drivetrain behind, a comparison could be made, focusing on other aspects.

The guys from Edmunds wanted to find out which drives best. To do that, they took a BMW 330i M Sport model out to the track alongside a Tesla Model 3. From the get go, you need to adjust your expectations when comparing an internal combustion engine car to an electric model. Thus, when it comes to driving, the two will feel completely different when you put your foot down. Therefore, when it comes to responsiveness, the Tesla wins every time.

What surprised us though was that Carlos Lago considered the Model 3 to be a more fun to drive car than the 3er, mostly because the instant torque is addictive. According to him, the lower center of gravity of the Tesla makes it feel more agile while everything else, including the brakes, is roughly the same when it comes to comparing the two cars at hand here. In the end, the Model 3 won this comparison and it wasn’t even close.

That’s some might praise for this affordable EV.

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