If Only BMW Made A Street-Legal, V8-Powered i8 Like This Racer



Even the BMW i8 has spaceship appearances, but the presence of a hybrid powertrain has always rubbed a few people, who’d much like to observe that the supercar appears with a more conventional supercar powertrain like, say, a V8, the incorrect way.

Well, here’s V8-powered i8; it’s dubbed the i8 GTRthat was built by Hamofa Motor Sport this past year and ditches the road automobile ’s hybrid powertrain in favor of a race-prepped, naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter V8 with 540 HP. This engine has been formerly employed by Z4 GTE along with GT3 race cars, so it is at a circuit.

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Now, it’s worth pointing out , while the racer certainly appears to be an i8, it really is not. That’s because beneath the skin it utilizes a bespoke tube-frame chassis created by French firm Solution F. Which comes as no huge surprise as true racers don’t have much in common with their road-legal lookalikes besides, well, the appearances because… advertising.

Anyhow, this “i8” weighs a mere 2,425 pounds (1,100 pound ). Variable in its power figure, and what you end up with is a vehicle. More importantly, however, the high-revving V8 motor sounds absolutely glorious, as befits a genuine supercar.

If just BMW wasn’t stubbornly shying away from this market, hinting that that the M8 is much more than good enough to be its headliner…

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