Tesla halts forums, launches new in-house social engagement platform



Tesla has officially launched its own kind of social networking with the “Engage Tesla” platform. The new site, launched earlier now, provides owners and fans the capability to interact with each other when talking about the latest rumors and developments inside the community while also updating members with attempts associated with current events. A few of them, as an instance, enable owners to encourage individuals affected from the recent storm disasters in Texas and also updates members of community events taking place near them. With the new stage, Tesla is dropping its Forums.Tesla.com site, making the message board “read-only” beginning March 15th.

“Engage Tesla is a new platform for the Tesla’s policy group and Tesla Owner’s Clubs,” that the automaker composed in the blog’s debut department . “Its goal is to create a digital home base for all of our work, also make it simpler for both Tesla community members to learn exactly what ’s finest of mind to us, take purposeful action, and keep in the loop. We expect you’ll join us at becoming involved. ”

Tesla’s fresh Engage Tesla platform for ownership interaction. (Credit: Tesla)

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In the past, Tesla owners have utilized social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to share stories and news related to the EV community. Twitter is becoming more popular of the two, featuring notorious personalities which have come to be a bit of star standing within the EV industry of their Twittersphere. For those who thirst for Tesla news especially, its site features its Forum where owners and fans could interact. But a message now says that about March 15th, the “Tesla Forums will be read only. To keep the dialogue using the Tesla community visit engage.tesla.com,” boosting Tesla’s fresh participation platform for owners.

Forums.Tesla.com is going to probably be defunct and operate beneath a “read-only” function beginning March 15th.

The Engage Tesla platform appears to be a simple yet complicated page which will enable owners to take part in an open discussion regarding anything Tesla-related. In the current moment, Tesla is taking suggestions of what developments the company must take, searching for opinions from those involved locally. Some of the first comments seem to be appreciative of this new stage. Other people believe it ought to be exposed to a verification system, where real world Tesla owners can interact with one another for suggestions or comments regarding their ownership experience.

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk has fielded lots of requests from owners from his personal Twitter account, the new Engage Tesla platform could give owners the exceptional opportunity to get more of their concerns or proposals heard by business workers. Some have already marked down their wishes in the lonely comment section, the sole detail which exists about the participation stage now. But, there’s surely some growth to be applied soon. It could occur on March 15th if the first Tesla Forums turned into a defunct and inferior means to communicate with other owners who don’t interact with Twitter or alternative kinds of social networking.

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