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Tesla plans for Cybertruck-specific Supercharger spaces


Tesla is preparing for the eventual rollout of the Cybertruck by providing plans on broader, longer charging distances at Supercharger stalls. A current proposal from the Pasadena Water and Power Department at California shows intends to install 20 Tesla charging points inside a city-owned lot. A recent presentation using Pasadena Officials showed that six of those spaces would be broader and longer to make way for the Cybertruck’s dimensions.

The location of the new Supercharger station is suggested to be put at 85 E. State Street in Pasadena, CA. The chargers will soon be Tesla’s V3 250 kW-capable stalls. The five-year term with an option for a two-year expansion is summarized in the Agenda Report, which also reveals the number of charging spaces accessible at the new website. The documents were seen by Tesla Motors Club member RubberToe.

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“Under the suggested Agreement, Tesla will set up and run 20 Tesla Supercharging charging channels at their cost. PWP will set up up to seven DCFC EV charging stations, as well as 20 Level 2 chargers, that could possibly be used by all types of electric vehicles, even ” the document says.

According to the plans that are detailed on blueprints for the website, at least fifteen Tesla V3 Supercharger stalls are available at the website, together with six of them being potential “Cybertruck wide distances. ”

Together with the Cybertruck having enormous dimensions that were marginally suspicious for garage parking, it appears plausible that fresh Supercharger places get ready for the presence of Tesla’s pickup with these newly-designed spots. The Cybertruck is enormous compared to the company’s other automobiles, and revising several spots for the future is a smart idea.

It also seems that the Pasadena Water and Power held a meeting with local authorities members to look at the chance of the new Supercharger station. The presentation that was supplied to the members indicates that the new station “will comprise 6 Spaces for brand new Cybertruck. ”

The planning of fresh charging places that will be suitable for the Cybertruck is a sign that Tesla, together with cities that will construct new channels, is readying to your new pickup. Traditionally, big trucks and vehicles can have issues finding adequate space due to the sheer dimensions of a car. If other vehicles have been parked in spaces that are adjacent to at which your Cybertruck is attempting to park, it could be a hassle. Therefore, bigger spaces are definitely the more precautionary and responsible move.

The Pasadena Municipal Services Meeting document can be found below.

2020 09 22 Municipal Services Committee Agenda from Joey Klender on Scribd

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