Testing Product Names for SaaS: How to Choose Names for New Features



Testing Product Names for SaaS_ How to Choose Names for New Features

Having a wonderful SaaS name places you at a fantastic location on this map, even nearer to your target clients and farther away from your competitors, which will be exactly what your distinctive brand requirements.

Pick the ideal name on your SaaS product can delicately position your brand to clients by understanding their wants and appealing to their feelings while communicating your brand worth. Basically, the best SaaS name knows and speaks the client ’s language, and if you’re not certain how to do that, then keep reading!

With 73 percent of business organization signaling a large transition of their apps to SaaS, and also the SaaS market’s growth rate estimated to reach $157 billion by the near 2020, there’s no better time to spend in acquiring a SaaS name that’s not just intriguing and SEO friendly but also effective at drawing a few companies that prefer SaaS more than other delivery methods.

Why Your SAAS Product Needs A Strong Name

Your product name is the initial contact clients would make together with your manufacturer, and it may either draw or repel them out of your own brand. Everything about how clients perceive your business brand is all in the sourcing, and here are some reasons why you want you:

To Get Your Customers Attention and Drive Sales

The much more memorable your SaaS product’s name isthe more likely clients would find it easier visiting your brand. Microsoft is currently currently the most significant SaaS provider in the world and an massive chunk of that was made possible by a few of their unforgettable brand names like LinkedIn and Office 365… titles that address their client ’s needs.

To Build Your Brand and Attract Great Talents

Everything that goes into brand naming isn’t only focused on attracting new clients to a SaaS product but also brilliant abilities that believe in your new ’s potential, and would happily allow it to attain its objectives.

Just how Do You Get the Right SaaS Name?

Although your heart might be in the perfect location, if your SaaS product doesn’t have a solid SEO friendly name, it’ll never bring in customers and drive sales as you would like. And also to craft the best name for your product, you need to:

Build Your Team


Usually, this will be the first thing that you ’d have to do after getting your group together. Write as many titles as you can come up with. It doesn’Regardless of whether the titles sound great or maybe not, just take a few days and find that notice pad full of titles that capture your product’s vision, mission and values. 

Use a Dictionary/Thesaurus

It might sound cliché, but by turning into a dictionary, so you could see a name that satisfies your brand.

Require Jeff Bezos for instance; he chose the name Amazon after looking at a dictionary since the name appealed to his own online manufacturer.

To create an SEO friendly domain name, look at adding SaaS to the conclusion of the name.

But these aren’t the only avenues to a solid small business name.

Strategy B: How to Go About It

Timing is everything in business and having a Plan B is the ideal solution if you’re with no difficulty with the approaches we’ve mentioned above.  

Strategy B: Consider watching branding professionals 

The beauty of consulting with a naming agency is that they’ve obtained a wealth of knowledge and expertise with creating powerful names for companies, they know the principles and rules involved, but especially they understand when to violate these rules so your brands can display its own uniqueness.

We advocate using them to accelerate your company process.

What an SEO Friendly SaaS Name Needs

Endeavour that your product’s name fulfills these requirements:

It has to be unique. A unique business name can be readily found on SERPs. Amazon and Tesla equally have a powerful SEO rank.If your name isn’t abstract, make certain it contains phrases that people actually search online. Shopify is a excellent example.

Now you’ve obtained the Name, Let’s Test its own Potency

Let’s say ’ve built your staff, shared every detail regarding your own SaaS product’s purpose and its own worth, and as time moved on, they generated lots of potential titles and you’re confused about which you pick.

The best way around this is to look at each possible name for your SaaS product carefully and to do this efficiently; we suggest you utilize this checklist:

The Deliberation Checklist

 Does it Communicate Value?

Your SaaS product’s name will be the first thing clients would visit, so you will need to make sure it communicates the value you supply them. E.g. Google, and Microsoft Office Online.

Could Customers Pronounce and Spell it readily?

The name of your SaaS product shouldn’t be hard to pronounce or spell since it’ll negatively affect you when clients search for your product online.

How Memorable is it?

Pick names which ’d be simple to remember. Zoom is an excellent example since it produces a visual image in the minds of anybody who hears it.

What Tone/Emotion does your Product’s Name Trigger?

How does your product name sound after you say it out loud? What tone does it communicate? Can you state your SaaS product’s name into a crowd of A-Level small business owners without feeling silly? Might it be offensive in other languages?

How Flexible is Your SaaS Product’s Name?

Bear in mind you’re just getting a name for your brief duration; you’re obtaining a name which & & rsquo;ll last a really long time, and pick one which ’ll allow you to scale readily without having to rebrand every moment.

Has a Competition Already Snatched It?

We get it. Names are scarce, but you don’t have to have a name which ’s already chosen by a different brand or bears a close similarity to it. If your manufacturer is exceptional, don’t sacrifice its own uniqueness.

The exception appears to be questionnaire tools because they often have the word ‘survey,’ a simple statement of their support they provide, but they do a fantastic job of incorporating a prefix or a suffix to differentiate themselves. E.g. SurveyMonkey and SoGoSurvey

Is Its Online Domain Available?

For your business to survive, it must have an internet presence, and what’s a SaaS product’s name when it doesn’t have a domain name?

Audience Testing

As soon as you have your product name and are ready to release it into the rampant, you may want to consider running a user acceptance test. Just by acquiring 5 individuals to feedback onto a landing page can supply you valuable insights into the fitness of your product name.

A very simple way to do that is by using Usersnap. It requires 10 seconds to set up the widget, and your clients can send in comments using annotated screenshots. Should they stick together with your product name, you then ’re good to go! Should they overlook ’t quite know it, then you just saved yourself from a enormous public embarrassment!

In the End, You are Ready for Testing Product Names

With all these suggestions on your palms, you should be certain when selecting a name on your SaaS product.

And for your name testing and website testing, as well as product beta testing, you can switch to Usersnap. Knowing what your clients like and want is always significant. Try it out for free at the first 15 days.

Grant Polachek is your Head of Branding at Inc 500 firm Squadhelp.com, the worlds #1 brand new platform, together with 25,000+ clients from early-stage startups throughout the planet to the biggest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation. Get motivated by researching these winning business name thoughts .

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